Year-end Report for 2009  
Another year of working with people young and old to bring the joy of sound and communication to their ears has concluded, and our annual report has just been published...

SAM`s Club and Tartamiel throw CORAL kids a Christmas party!
Much to the delight of the 32 kids enrolled in CORAL`s Hearing and Speech Therapy School, the staff from SAM`s Club and Tartamiel collaborated with CORAL to throw a party at our facilities on December 11...

Christmas gifts and your ears
In this digital age, it’s likely that you or someone you know has received a Christmas gift with headphones. It’s important to be aware that using headphones can cause damage to the listener’s ears..

Goodbye to Ivette Mardrid, Hello to Megan Glore!
Coral´s Promotion and Fundraising efforts have been led to new horizons in 2009 by Ivette Madrid. Everyone who has had the pleasure of working with Ivette on the innovative projects and effective new systems that she has implemented at Coral is sad to see her go, but we wish her the best on her new path...

On the air in Zimatlán - La Triunfadora!
In December, Coral´s Director, Saúl Fuentes was interviewed by Edgar Bartolo from a community radio station called La Triunfadora...

20 years of bringing sounds, music, words and whispers to Oaxacan ears

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